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Vanessa Gold as a regular human

Vanessa Gold was the ex-wife of Vincent Diamonds and a current member of The Cult of Herobrine.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Vanessa was born and raised in an order of notch orphanage. As a child, Vanessa was the prettiest girl in the orphanage and was the crush of most of the boys. At age 13, Vanessa became the girlfriend of Vincent, who was 15 at the time. Vanessa and Vincent became engaged when 21 year old Vincent proposed to Vanessa, who was 19.

Married and a son Edit

Vanessa and Vincent got married and the two had a son, who Vanessa called James. Vanessa lived a happy life with Vincent and James. Vanessa would always pray that Vincent would return from his assignments alive. Vanessa was a typical housewife and always looked after the house.

Losing James Edit

When Vanessa was 36, the city was attacked by blazemen and 8 year old James was killed during the attack. Vanessa and Vincent were both devastated by James's death and both left flowers at James's grave. However, unlike Vincent, who was able to be happy, Vanessa was grief-stricken to the point where she was always depressed and longed to find a way to bring James back.

Joining The Cult of Herobrine Edit

When Vanessa was 38 and Vincent was 40, Herobrine approached them and offered them a deal: Join The Cult of Herobrine and in exchange, he would bring back James. Vanessa, desperate to bring James back, accepted to Vincent's dismay. She went to the temple of herobrine, where she was turned into a Herobrine Cultist and was robbed of her humanity and became a ghoul like the other cultists.

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